Well hello there, nice to meet ya!

My name is Elysha and I’m the face behind this little handmade clothing brand called ‘Sew Wasted’.

During lockdown, I was a bit bored (who wasn’t?) and needed something to occupy my creative brain! I decided to make myself a couple tartan dresses and received tonnes of messages/comments asking if I was going to start selling them. I decided to make a quick website and Instagram page (thinking nothing of it) and the rest is pretty much history! 

Before Sew Wasted, I was working in retail; feeling lost and unmotivated. I’ve always been artistic and knew I wanted a creative career, I just didn't know what yet. Whenever I started a hobby or do something creative for myself, I would always hear “Elysha, you’re so wasted! You should do this and that as a job” but nothing felt right, yano? There was no passion for a career with my little hobbies, I liked them being just that.. hobbies.

Constantly hearing the words “you’re so wasted” was hard, it was like whatever I was doing was never good enough.. I had this huge pressure to figure my life out straight away when in reality I had no idea who I was or what I wanted. That was until I accidentally stumbled upon this little biz and everything just CLICKED! The brand name came to me one night in my sleep and is now a bit of a running joke between me and my family!

Within just a couple months of launching, I was inundated with so many orders that I had to quit my retail job and focus on the brand full time! I now run Sew Wasted from my dedicated home studio (with a helping hand from my mum who crochets) and my little pug Frank by my side!